Explore The Old And The New Of The Isa

Our detailed interpretive tour of this amazing outback city starts with it's discovery by John Campbell Miles in the early twenties and continues along to the present day.

We look at the natural fauna of the area and traditional dwellings.  We take a look at the mine before getting a photo opportunity in front of the lead smelter and ball mill.

We visit Mount Isa's train station only metres from the mine and the end of the line for "Progress and Prosper" as the rail line extension to Darwin never eventuated.

Before heading back to Outback at Isa we visit Buchanan Park home to Mount Isa's world famous Rodeo, the biggest Rodeo in the southern hemisphere.

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Circuit of the city showcasing tin houses and grand homes

Discover native and introduced plants in the region

Take advantage of a fantastic photo opportunity with the lead smelter and mining operations

Learn about the formation of the underground ore bodies and extraction processes

Disembark at the train station and learn the history of the rail

Pass by Arts on Alma the home of our local arts and crafts movement on the banks of the Leichhardt River

On the way back to Outback at Isa, view Buchanan Park – home of the non stop rodeo action of Isa Rodeo

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Uncover the hidden treasures and the character of the Isa
Discover our History and Heritage


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